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Are you obsessed with customized stand-out spaces for your home but cannot afford the luxury? Then keep reading for better tips and tricks for creative ways for reasonable home décor ideas. Since most of us have been staying at home for a pretty long time to help curb the pandemic situation, we desire to have a functional home with themes and décor that suits our aesthetic sense. This blog is all about the little elements that you can add in for opulence than it really is with a mix of DIY designs for luxury home décor ideas. Scroll down to know more about the instant upgrading of your home with cheap luxury design ideas:


You need to consider all the aspects of the design for a luxe outlook by considering all the interconnected surfaces that should be treated from the floors to the walls to the ceilings. All three elements are visually linked with the refreshed floors adding value to your home to the perfect design adoption of the wall to the inspiring ceiling ideas. We commonly tend to neglect ceilings which leads to an incompleteness while designing homes. Try not to leave your ceilings plain as it does not add any opulence. Your ceiling should stand out by painting the ceiling with shades one step lighter than your wall paints for attention-seeking with this intentional design idea. You can make your space appear luxurious with the most popular paint colors like beige, dusty green, brown, rich-toned greys, muted yellows, and so on as based on the advice of expert designers. One of the best ad cheap flooring options for a luxury floor is vinyl plank flooring.


Undoubtedly wallpaper designs add extra glam to your walls with their extraordinary patterns with the availability of different materials and colors that suit your requirements. You can go for neutral-toned and textured wallpapers for adding lux to your space. Wallpapers create a unique visual punch that can be used in different ways for your home spaces. They are used for enhancing your full wall or covering half of it if you cannot afford for the whole room, upgrading your old fixtures, covering the ceiling, book-shelf décor and so many more. Metallic wallpapers are commonly used for adding shimmer to your rooms with shades of Persephone Gold, Gloriette silver, Kassandra cream, Pearl Gold and the list goes on.


Layer lighting draws the attention of your guests with beautiful chandeliers, table lamps, candles, floor lamps, gallery lighting, and so on for blending with the surfaces. The key point is that it is not about more lighting but understanding how to layer the lighting to create a luxurious environment and to make the room lively.


Creating cozy multiple seating rooms offers you multiple ways to enjoy the space that is well designed and organized. Multiple seating room ideas suit the aesthetic taste of every individual as it is regarded as anything with a seat next to it for customized seating arrangement. It can sometimes be a single cloth seat with a console table or two cloth chairs facing each other or a larger section with multiple chairs for creating conversational sparking areas without making it monotonous in a way everyone can join the ongoing conversation.


Window treatments can contribute to elevating the luxurious vibe of your home space with different colors and patterns that suit your space. The foremost task is to ensure to eliminate the plastic vinyl curtains by replacing them with sophisticated window coverings for a functional and sheer window treatment. You can decide if you want natural light to pass on easily or you need a darkroom setting. Sheer white curtains are the optimal way for getting a classic touch for a cheaper rate by ditching the builder-grade blinds for making them less ornate.


Try to incorporate symmetry while placing your furniture in a balanced and aesthetically appealing order. By using the principle of symmetry, you create harmony in your spaces. Try to ground the spaces using similar fixtures. It is not necessary to place identical seats or cloth chairs. Placing similar table lamps or any pieces of furniture helps to draw your vision to the focal point of your room making it look classy and well designed. This reflective pattern brings about a feeling of completeness while encountering the elements of your home.


Go for quality over quantity by DE cluttering your home space with essential fixtures that reflect your lifestyle. Make it a practice to buy one quality piece of furniture or décor fragments instead of stuffing the area with so many quality-less items that do not even blend together thereby making the space messier. For example, you can replace too many dissimilar sofas with one right scale sofa.


Swap your lamps by adding a large statement of the modern art piece in an entire space for creating an opulent vibe. Another way to creatively adorn your space is by adding hanging art pieces for a unique look, however, ensure the selected art piece is of the right size and shape to fit in the available space by not creating a messy look. Also, keep in mind not to overuse this technique of filling every empty space with modern art pieces or wallpaper hangings.


How and where to place mirrors are the common queries of people. Mirrors are one of the most popular decorative items by tricking the visitors by showing that the room is more spacious than it genuinely is by amplifying the double amount of energy by reflecting. Always keep in mind to not place the mirrors opposite or above your bed space or your sofa. Placing a mirror across the dining tables brings out a charm for your dining room. Mirrors can offer varied advantages for a standard home space if that is placed in the right manner. Try to incline towards mirrors with powerful designs and shapes that suit your space.


How and where to place mirrors are the common queries of people. Mirrors are one of the most popular decorative items by tricking the visitors by showing that the room is more spacious than it genuinely is by amplifying the double amount of energy by reflecting. Always keep in mind to not place the mirrors opposite or above your bed space or your sofa. Placing a mirror across the dining tables brings out a charm for your dining room. Mirrors can offer varied advantages for a standard home space if that is placed in the right manner. Try to incline towards mirrors with powerful designs and shapes that suit your space.


With a wide range of Indian designs for styling homes, we tend to leave behind the classy and luxury design styles that are the key to high-end design with the comprehensive interpretation or elegant design structure. A good designer makes use of every inch in space efficiently with painting tips, furniture arrangement, balancing the right lighting, and appropriate window treatments, and so on for illuminating up your home in an affordable manner with a classic theme. Updating your home with these viral tips and tricks for luxury apartments or homes can knock down the claustrophobia effect of lockdowns.


Modern Door Designs

Door Designs-Interior french door with decorative glass entryway with contemporary front door Bedroom with interior barn door Entrance with custom modern walnut doors Interior wood panel door Bedroom with interior barn door kitchen with interior barn door Room. We are a well-known Architects Firm, doing the designing of all kinds of Designer Solid Wood Doors from India. The exclusive designer doors are known for rich workmanship & the best quality wood. The door designs are available in a variety of finishes, patterns, polish, and colors depending on the type of wood used.

The most common doors in a house are wooden

In addition, wood is a durable, functional and warm material, so it always gives a pleasant welcome to anyone who visits your home.

modern door designs
Design 01
modern door designs
Design 02
modern door designs
Design 03
modern door designs
Design 04

modern door designs
Design 05
modern door designs
Design 06
modern door designs
Design 07
modern door designs
Design 08
modern door designs
design 09
modern door designs
Design 10

2000 sq ft House Plans

2000 sq ft House Plans_To find 2000sqft ready made house plans of your dream home please visit www.demo.trianglehomez.com. You can download any of our house plans for free

You can download any of our house plans for free

We have thousands of award winning home plan designs and blueprints to choose from. 

Featured 2000 Sq Ft House Plans  are economical and cost-effective – and come in a variety of house styles from cozy bungalows to striking contemporary homes. This square foot size range is also flexible when choosing the number of bedrooms in the home.

Project 001_Anil_Kattakada_2000 sq ft House Plan 

Project 002_Sathar_Kayamkulam_2000 sq ft House Plan

2000 sq ft House Plans
Ground Floor

First Floor

2000 sq ft House Plans
Site Plan

2000 sq ft House Plans
Front Elevation

2000 sq ft House Plans
Left Side Elevation
2000 sq ft House Plans
Right Side Elevation

Our simple house plans, cabin and cottage plans in this category range in size from 12500 to 2000 square feet. These models offer comfort and amenities for families with 1, 2 and even 3 children or the flexibility for a small family and a house office or two. Whether you prefer Modern style, Transitional, Single-Story or Two-Story house, you will discover a wide variety of floor plans, designed for the lives of active modern families. Models are available with our without an attached garage, proposed finished basements and other desirable options. You will certainly find a floorplan that suits you here

How to Use

All plans are free and may be used without seeking permission. In their current state, they are not executable, but you can use them as a springboard for ideas.

2000 sq ft house plans click here

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Proper Furniture for Your Dream Home

Once you’ve found the house of your dreams and are ready to move in, there’s still something to consider: furniture. According to the National Association of Home Builders, the average new home buyer spends about $3,778 on furnishings alone with some estimates reaching even higher. So, you’ll want to be careful to choose furniture that you love. Here, we’re going to take a look at some of the best tips for choosing the right furniture for your home. 

Consider Your Style

For some, starting with their style goals is the best approach. Are you a fan of the sleek lines of modern design or minimalism? Do you prefer the rugged, natural look of rustic design?

Of course, choosing among countless interior design styles is more than slightly overwhelming. There are some resources online that can help users analyze their interests and how to consolidate that into a theme. Remember, since you’re investing a lot into this design, you’ll want to consider long-term interests. It’ll be pretty disheartening to purchase rooms full of furniture only to fall out of love with it a year in.

It also helps to consider the vibe of a room to decide its design. What would help make the bedroom relaxing? How can the living room be inviting for guests? A big part of interior design is reflecting feelings into appearance.

Start with the Staples

There are a few reasons to start with staple pieces such as beds, couches, and tables. On the more practical side, it puts your money into the necessities. Most people don’t purchase every piece of furniture for their home in one bulk purchase. So, this strategy will keep you from having the perfect lamp in your living room but having to sit on the floor.

These big pieces also set the stage for your style. It’s much less stressful to try and find touches that match the perfect couch rather than designing a whole room around a single accent piece.

Add Personality with Unique Pieces

While many idolize catalog and Pinterest-perfect styles, copying them down to the smallest details can suck the personality of the room. It goes a long way to look for accent pieces that add personal touches. This could be art you like, a uniquely shaped decorative piece, throw pillows with an interesting pattern, or a number of other touches.

Pay Attention to Construction

While style is important, your investment should also consider the longevity of the furniture. Any large investment you make – furniture or otherwise – should go to something that’s going to last for a while. It can be tempting to get the cheapest option but you have to prepare for replacing it at a quicker rate than more sturdy options.

If you enjoy DIY projects, you’ll want to also make sure to create sturdy objects. This can mean not substituting with flimsy material and making sure you have the right tools for the job.

Pay Attention to Colors

The color of the furniture can change the feel of a room just as much as the shape of it does. Not to mention, there are some colors that are more practical than others.

Warm colors tend to give a room a more inviting atmosphere. Pairing colors that are opposite to one another on the color wheel also creates some beautiful results. Don’t forget to consider paint colors when choosing complimentary furniture. Staining wood items can also lend to color schemes. Rustic and farmhouse themes, though, usually leave wood bare to preserve its natural beauty.

Moving back to practicality, dark colors are better in high-traffic areas or ones that are likely to get messy. That beige chair might look perfect in your living room but it probably won’t retain its looks around young children.

Consider Functional Pieces

No matter how big your home is, you’re eventually going to have to contend with space. An efficient way to tackle this before it becomes a large problem is to look for functional pieces. This could include an ottoman with storage or a pull-out couch that can work for a guest in a pinch. This will prevent clutter and disorganization.

A huge part of creating your dream home is to pick out the proper furniture. From functionality to appearances, these tips can help you choose what works best for you.


Wooden Designer Doors | Furniture Designers in Kerala

Door Designs-Interior french door with decorative glass entryway with contemporary front door Bedroom with interior barn door Entrance with custom modern walnut doors Interior wood panel door Bedroom with interior barn door kitchen with interior barn door Room. We are are well known Architects Firm, doing designing of all kind of Designer Solid Wood Doors from India. The exclusive designer doors are known for rich workmanship & best quality wood. The door designs are available in variety of finish, pattern, polish and colour depending on the type of wood used.

The most common doors in a house are wooden

In addition, wood is a durable, functional and warm material, so it always gives a pleasant welcome to anyone who visits your home.

Door Designs
Door Design 01
Door Designs
Door Design 13
Door Designs
Door Design 12
Door Designs
Door Design 11
Door Designs
Door Design 10
Door Designs
Door Design 09
Door Designs
Door Design 08
Door Designs
Door Design 07
Door Designs
Door Design 06
Door Designs
Door Design 05
Door Designs
Door Design 04
Door Designs
Door Design 03
Door Designs
Door Design 02

For More designs click here



Interior Designing Ideas for Indian Homes

Indian architecture and designs are inspired by its rich heritage and culture. We are a country of diverse geography, climate, and culture. Every element of our life is inspired by these concepts. An apartment in the fast-growing city or a traditional home in a rural village is built in with a touch of these concepts. Indians homes are always elegant and vibrant.


The adaptive nature of Indians, have evolved to blend modern amenities with traditional allure. Every architect and interior designer strives to bring in modernity for practical reasons and traditional decors in their designs for emotional reasons.

1.Smart Spaces

interior design ideas for Indian homes

The biggest challenge a designer faces is when they have to make the space provided to them to look spacious as well as highly functional. To blend functionality with space, use of smart furniture is a solution. You can use a foldable bed which acts as a sofa in the daytime and a bed in the night. They are equipped with a hydraulic lift system making it easy for the user to fold and open the furniture according to the requirement. Use furniture with built-in storage, include stair drawers and use foldable dining tables in the dining area. In the kitchen make sure you always include a lot of storage spaces like hooks, overhead cabinets, and concealed electric amenities. Use bathroom storage which doubles up as a mirror and storage. Make sure the furniture you use in your home are of different gradation so that they give the room a collective look by breaking the whole monotonous design.

2.Lighting and Ventilation

interior design ideas for Indian homes


Natural light makes your home look more spacious. It brings in light to underlit areas. Natural light brings in life and positive energy to space. It connects the inside to nature. Including ventilation, spaces make sure the house remains fresh with natural air. It’s important to have a steady air circulation in the house to keep it free of moisture and dampness. Use glass, mirrors etc to let in natural light and divide spaces. Include a large number of windows and cross ventilation in tropical areas to avoid overheating of the space.

3.Painting, Wallpapers & Flooring

interior designing ideas for Indian homes

Always make sure to paint the interiors of your home with light and eye soothing colors to make your home spacious and vibrant. Wallpapers on the walls give an appearance for your home. For example, if you want to make a kid’s friendly room, you could decorate the walls of the room with wallpapers which have their favorite cartoons, heroes etc on them. Make the flooring and the furniture in the kid’s room always kid-friendly. If you have a young adolescent in your family you could change their rooms to a cool contemporary look with wallpapers, flooring, and paintings.

Always give the traditional look to your house with the use of stone flooring, wooden paneling and pattern titles. Flooring also plays a major role in making your home look spacious.

4. Plant Decors

interior designing ideas for Indian homes

The concept of bringing the nature into your space is welcomed by everyone. Make small courtyards rich with green plants that require minimum sunlight and include a pebble bed and a sitting area. An evening spends in this space by sipping a cup of coffee after a stressful day rejuvenates your energy levels. Plants inside the house absorb the carbon dioxide and release a lot of oxygen which spreads a positive vibe inside the house.

5. Make your home personal

interior designing ideas for Indian home

Decorate the walls and niches with family photos,  gifts, paintings and trophies each family member has collected. The photos always remind of the good old memories that you made together as a family. The gifts that you display give your loved once an assurance that you value their gesture of love and also reminds you of those happy moments. The trophies always inspire the achiever to achieve more in life and also inspires other members of the family to make their own records. Every person has a painting that speaks to them and inspires them a lot. Include those paintings in the spaces.


Always remember to include decors that inspire and spread positivity and happiness in your home. Peace, harmony, and elegance should be the ultimate motive of a well-designed home.

Contact the best interior designers in Kerala for ideas & inspiration that matches your style.



Important Principles of Interior Designing

Best interior designers in Trivandrum

Interior designing is an art of using the elements of designing to make mind-blowing arrangements and decorations. Though the whole process of designing involves creativity and imagination of the designers, it is born out of few principles.

Principles of Interior Designing

Principles of interior designing can be defined as ways in which a designer uses the elements of designing into good decorations and arrangements.

The elements of designing are space, line, forms, light, color, texture and pattern. The principles check each element in a design against few criteria like magnificent vs. mediocre and right vs. wrong.

Principles of interior designing are

  1. Balance
  2. Unity
  3. Focus
  1. Balance

Balance makes sure that even when completely different objects are used for an arrangement, a visual balance is maintained. Like in a jigsaw puzzle every object completes the whole arrangement by complementing each other.  Three main balance concepts are: symmetrical for formal spaces, Asymmetrical for informal spaces and radial balance.

  1. Unity

Unity in a design can be achieved when the elements in a space are balanced. Visually everything in a space looks right.

  1. Focus

Every art will have a focal point around which the whole art is developed. Likewise in a design, there will be a focal point like an accent wall which is the focus of the design .i.e., something which we notice first when we walk into the room.

Interior Designers in Kerala

Kerala is the ultimate legacy of Vishwakarma Sthapathis. Here the designs are influenced by Dravidian and Vedic architectural science. The Kerala Interior designs are strongly influenced by its climate, landscape, and its history. Triangle Homez, the best interior designers in Kerala, focus on contemporary designs keeping in mind the legacy of interior designing in their themes.

Best Designers in Trivandrum

Trivandrum is the land of palaces which is the ultimate example of Kerala architecture. The designers here always focus to include the essence of the ancient art into their designs. Top architects in Kerala like Triangle Homez claim to provide their customers designs embedded in history and future.


A Step-by-Step Guide to Maintaining and Servicing Your Swimming Pool

The last thing you want to find on a hot, summer day is a dirty swimming pool. But, we know that cleaning pools takes forever and it’s something that nobody wants to have to do.

However, if we go without cleaning our pool, the toxic waters can be detrimental to our health. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that swimming in a dirty swimming pool or hot tub can cause diarrheal illnesses, rashes, ear infections, respiratory infections, chemical irritation of the eyes and lungs, and other infections.

Instead of letting your pool get to the level that these illnesses can occur, weekly maintenance sessions will promote a safe and healthy swimming environment.

This article will demonstrate the perfect step-by-step process to keeping your pool clean.

Time to Clean

For starters, it is important to spot-clean your pool of any debris that may have fallen into your pool while the cover was not in place. Leaves, sticks, or grass are among the top culprits of pool filter cloggers.

Be sure to remove these imposters every day or as often as you see them to keep them out of the pool filter.

By doing this, you are taking the first step in maintenance: prevention. If you keep the filter clean, you can prevent your pool from becoming any dirtier than it needs to be.

However, if your filter doesn’t seem to be cutting it or if it’s just getting too dirty, here’s the best way to maintain your pool.

1.    Test Your Pool’s pH Levels

If your pool’s pH levels are out of whack, different types of bacteria will thrive. Also, if your pool is too acidic or basic, it can cause irritation to the eyes or skin.

Use a pH strip to see exactly what your pool needs. To do this, purchase a set of pH strips from either an online retailer or a specialty pool store near you.

Dip the pH strip into the pool water and allow it to sit for approximately 30 seconds. The pH strip has squares that will change color depending on the alkalinity levels of your pool.

Based on the results from the pH strip, add chlorine, calcium, cyanuric acid, and any other pool cleaners or water softeners that you typically add to your pool.

Dissolve the substances in water and add them to the pool, allowing the filter to cycle for about an hour before adding the next solution. Afterward, test your pool’s pH levels with the strip to make sure the alkalinity is correct.

2.    Scrub Away

Sometimes, our pools can get so out of hand that we need to take matters into our own hands. If your pool is excessively green and mossy or full of debris, manual cleaning may be necessary in order to make the waters swimmable.

  • Grab a brush, siphon/vacuum, a hose, and a pool net filter to start removing the debris that is cluttering up your pool water.
  • Start by using the pool net to remove any sticks, twigs, branches, bugs, leaves, grass, or other debris that is floating on the pool’s surface.

Removing the surface-dwelling debris makes it easier to clean the entire pool in later steps.

  • Add some water to the pool to balance out what will be removed in the vacuuming or siphoning process.
  • Use a pool siphon or vacuum to remove any debris that may have settled to the bottom of the pool to get rid of the larger perpetrators.
  • After removing the larger leaves, sticks, twigs, and any other debris that may have been in your pool, use a brush to scrub away any mold or residue that may be left along the edges of your pool.

Removing this extra build-up of bacteria will help keep your pool cleaner after finishing the process.

  • Depending on how much debris fell into the pool from scrubbing the residue away, it may be necessary to either re-siphon or clean the surface of the pool.
  • Finish by testing your pools pH level with a strip and adding the necessary chemicals. Refer back to Step 1 for more details.

3.    Replace your pool filter often

A pool filter is what keeps the pool clean when you can’t, so it’s best to make sure your filter is up to date and being maintained.

If you forget to maintain the pool filter, the pool itself will become cloudy and dangerous.

Here are 5 tell-tale signs that you need to replace your cartridge pool filter:

  • High or Low pool pressure
  • Damaged end caps
  • Ripped Fabric within the pool filter
  • Collapsed Cartridges
  • Flat Pleats

If you notice any of these within your pool filter, it’s probably a good time to invest in a new filter.

There are three types of pool filters that are used the most often.


Sand filters use a tank partially full of sand where the water can travel through and filter out most of the smaller debris you may miss with the net cleaner.


DE Filters use grids with seashell and other sea creature particles and secretants to filter out higher rates of debris to keep your water fresh. Typically, DE filters can filter out even smaller particles than most other filters.


Cartridge filters are where there are multiple compartments of polyester wrapped around a PVC core. With multiple cartridges, you can filter out many different sizes of invasive material.

However, if you’re looking for a way to avoid a pool filter altogether, purchasing an above ground swimming pool can make cleaning even easier.

Replacing a pool filter will run you about a hundred dollars depending on the type of filter you own and installation takes minutes, but keeping your pool system up-to-date can make or break your health.

Cleaning your pool doesn’t have to be an impossible feat. By taking the necessary precautions before your pool gets to be too dirty, you can save the hassle of a full-on deep clean for another day.

Maintaining your pool is as simple as 1-2-3, test, scrub, and replace.


With summer right around the corner, these three simple steps will help you make your backyard the go-to spot for family and friend gatherings.

Plastering Techniques Using Machines

Cement Mortar Plastering Machines

Cement plastering
Cement plastering


Types of machines

  1. Automatic plastering machine
  2. Spray plastering machine
  3. Mortar spraying machine


Youtobe LInk


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Bargaining power customer in will make the seller to reduce prices, improve the quality of products and provide better service. 3) suppliers of construction machinery industry in the performance of suppliers bargaining ability, can effectively promote the buyer to accept higher prices, the earlier time of payment or a more reliable way of payment. 4) potential competitors of the threat of the construction machinery industry, the potential competition on finger who might go into industry to participate in the competition of the enterprise, they will bring new production capacity, the sharing of existing resources and market share, the result is the production cost rise, the market competition intensifies, the product selling price decline, industry profits decrease. 5) replace the product pressure construction machinery industry, refers to the same function, or to meet the product competition pressure also needs to be substitutes for each other. plastering machine | automatic rendering 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