Different Types of Light Decors

  1. Close Lighting (General Lighting)

This is one in all the foremost common styles of light decors. close light could be a soft glow that blankets your area only enough for you to perform while not inflicting a harsh glare. In photography and motion-picture photography, close light is taken into account the “natural light” inside a space. In décor, close light is extremely similar, except you produce the close light by creating the room’s lighting as natural and flat as attainable. whereas close light is supposed to urge you safely from point A-to-B, it’s not ideal for operating closely with things or to spotlight things around your area.

Atmosphere: Once used properly, close light creates an amazing atmosphere to relax from an excessively nerve-racking day or to possess a warm talk with a close friend. close lighting is usually named as mood lighting, as a result of this light captures the soft curves of your face and permits your pupils to dilate slightly (a physical sign of affection). Some yoga studios have even begun to use the softer close lighting in their classes to assist draw stress from the body.

How to Get This Look: We tend to advocate the use of the subsequent light to form close lighting.

Recessed or Track Lights. strive to employ a series of those throughout your area. These work well with every kind of ceilings, however, if your ceiling is lower ensure the light isn’t too harsh for the area. take care not to over light the area. See the instance with the track light system below. attempt these in your sleeping room, den, room or front room.

Chandeliers and Pendants

These lighting fixtures work fantastically with taller ceilings. you’ll be able to select that height is best for your lighting desires. Notice however the chandeliers below area unit placed lower in areas individuals won’t be walking close to. they’re conjointly terribly classic items that work well in foyers, over the bathtub within the restroom.

Light decors


Wall Sconces and Wall Lights

These are thus versatile they work virtually anyplace. Use these rigorously. If you employ to several in one location it’s going to cause a harsher light, however once placed meagrely these work nice in hallways, patios and porches. try and incorporate the wall sconces into the design of your home.

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  1. Task Lighting

This is a smaller additional targeted light. you would like task lighting around once you’re operating. In fact, some folks call it workplace lighting. Task lighting is supposed to assist you to see once you’re doing projects during which you wish a finer light, such as, reading, cooking, writing, stitching and plenty of alternative things. Task lighting solely works well once it’s used as a different light. let’s say if you’ve got an occasional lit area with a lamp turned on, {the light-weight|the sunshine} in this space is going to be simpler with less glare than if the complete area was lit with a brighter light.

Atmosphere: Task lighting helps naturally stimulate your brain. The different light permits you to be a lot of alerts and focused. this can assist you to see a lot of details as you’re employed, making higher quality results. this is often why several businesses prefer to use task lighting in their offices.

How to Get This Look: we tend to advocate to use the subsequent fixtures to form task light.


Desk, Swing Arm and Floor Lamps

Use lamps on your desks, side tables, low tables or anyplace you wish a bit additional light for operating. Swing arm lamps permit you to regulate the light any way you’d like. Since these floor lamps are lightweight and adjustable these are the perfect task lights.

Light decors


Under cupboard and Vanity Lights

These are the final word task lights. underneath the cupboard, lights work nicely in your room, like below. They add a flare to your room and provides the additional light you wish for chopping and cleanup. vanity lighting works well within the restroom and on dressing mirrors. These lights additionally work for garages or workstations.

Light decors


Pendant and Track Lights

Pendants are nice as a result of they’ll be placed in a very heap of areas and might suspend directly regarding work areas. Track lights are nice for the identical reason, except they’ll generally cowl a bit more room. These lights are nice for offices with rows of desks, on top of room islands and in children’s play/homework areas.

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  1. Accent Lighting

This is a really focused light-weight with the intention of drawing the attention to its focus. Accent lighting could be a means of adding vogue and drama to your home. this can assist you to illuminate the items you wish on the show, whereas shadowing uninteresting areas. individuals use emphasizing for wall laundry, artwork, article of furniture displays, items of an article of furniture, collections and also the general design of their homes. outside accent lighting is after you highlight elements of the design of your home or yard. this is often extremely popular throughout the vacations, particularly Hallowe’en and Xmas.

Atmosphere:  Accent lighting is one in all the kinds of lighting that makes a really subtle atmosphere. It evokes feelings of which means and importance to the pictures it displays. This lighting sort is employed tons for museums, historical buildings and art shows.

How to Get This Look: we tend to advocate using the subsequent lights to form accent light.

Wall Lights

Wall lights area unit fantastic for coming up with accent lighting. they are available in a variety of sizes that permit you the highlight huge or little items of art. These work nicely on art walls and for showcasing the design of your area.


Recessed Lighting and Spot Lighting

These lights are typically used for wall lighting (when you illuminate a whole wall with light). Recessed will lights are nice for emphasizing. Place them at the bottom of your wall to illuminate a fine looking brick texture, a colourful paint style or show a large bay window.

Light decors


Landscape Lighting

These lights are the most effective for showing off the surface of your home. Use landscape lighting to illuminate a pathway, prized garden or sculpture.

Light decors

For multiple styles of lighting, choices think about using a light dimmer. Dimmers facilitate attain any mood or look you’re searching for at the push of a button.


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Different types of Skylights for natural lighting and ventilation

Natural lighting and ventilation is a very important factor in an architectural design. It’s always said that a home which is lavishly ventilated and where natural light comes in abundance is free of any sickness and negative energy.

Skylights also save electricity by illuminating the rooms with natural sunlight and avoids the need to switch on a bulb during daytime to lighten up dark spaces.

What is a skylight?

Skylight is a window like design that is made on the ceiling allowing natural light to enter the home. It comes in various designs and made of different materials. Now, this opening can be used as ventilation to let in natural air. So the type of skylight you choose depends upon the environment. Normally skylight is set up on spaces like corridors, small rooms, and stairs where windows are not there for lightening.


Let’s look into different skylight designs


 Classic dome skylight

Natural lighting and ventilation

Dome skylights have been a common design element in churches and temples made out of stained glasses. It brings in a traditional touch to modern homes. Dome skylights can be made out of other materials also. 


Square Skylight

Natural lighting and ventilation

Skylight comes in different shapes and designs. A square skylight over a large space with stained glasses gives a royal look to the whole space.


Modern Dome Skylights

Natural lighting and ventilation

A skylight that uses grill designs and covered with mirror is all the more trendy. This substitutes for costly stained glasses


Skylight for the courtyard garden

Natural lighting and ventilation


 The courtyard is a beautiful design aspect that brings in natural to your home. Imagine a skylight above the courtyard the lets enough sunlight and ventilation pass in. What better space to spend a cup of coffee and spend your day reaching a book.


Skylight for the stairway

Natural lighting and ventilation

 Stairways are complicated design spaces that require a lot of lightning and ventilation. What better way than a skylight above the stairway to illuminate the path.


Dining area skylight


Natural lighting and ventilation

Skylight never needs to be larger. Dining areas require a lot of ventilation so that the odour food does not spread out to other spaces. So ventilation the area with a skylight that makes every meal a beautiful event.


Skylight with panels

Natural lighting and ventilation

You can make the skylight more fun by adding panels that create shadows and patterns. It is also a perfect way to bring in subtle and gentle indirect sunlight.


So make your home a fun space by including skylights in your home design. For different skylight designs, you can contact building contractors Kerala



Light up your home

Light up your Home

Light up your Home
Evening Light Mode

Role of light is not just to fill colors….it fills energy

Light up your Home
Natural Lights

Illusion of space is defined by the light reflected on the surface.Both natural and man made lighting help with illusion of space. For each purpose each light

In olden days a tube and a bulb was just the sorce of light. That view has completely changed by the coming of Artificial lights.

Light up your Home
Modern Lighting

Warm lights and cool lights

Light up your Home
Warm colour based TV hall

LED is the latest technology in lighting as it consumes less power and long lasting.

We can broadly classify this in Cool light and Warm light.This lighting gives a complete change to color in a room.It controls how the color of the room appears.

Warm light creates a cosy effect, it relax us, get ready for sleep.It is most comfortable particularly in Living areas and Bedroom.Warm light is very gentle with eyes.

Light up your Home
White colour based TV hall

White light creates a cool effect, a more energising feel.It keeps us alert and energetic for performing our jobs.Its a replica of day light.Practicaly we can use in bathrooms,pantries and workarea. Light up your Home

Light up your Home
Mood lighting

Mood lighting it’s a theme created controlling the lights according to the space and function.Its another way of  Personalising light depending on the purpose of that area ie Tv watching,Dining areas,Bedroom,Prayer area

Light up your Home
Mix of Day light and Interior lighting

Luxury of Interior depends on lighting.It has the power of giving life to any area.

Light up your Home
Luxury Lighting concept

The style of light selection depends on the interior may be it Contemporary,Classic or Traditional. Light up your Home

Light up your Home
Skylight with Internal Hidden lighting


General lightinng, Decorative lighting,Light automation etc,light can be classified according to or needs

Concealed lighting and Cove lighting in flase ceiling are some tips used in lighting where the source of light cant be seen… Hidden lights. Light up your Home

Light up your Home
Ceiling Hidden artificial skylight