How to design a small kitchen?

The kitchen is the heart of your home where family comes together. In Indian homes, kitchen spaces are largely meant for multiple functions. If you take our history of places, there were complete building complex dedicated to kitchen and dining spaces. Its functionality ranged from cooking space too, medicine brewers to the dining area. But as the population increases the need for residential space has also increased leading to big spacious homes to one bedroom flats. Flats only give you tiny spaces for the kitchen. So along with smart space utilization, they require to give you smart functionality too. Here are a few tricks that will work for you to design a small kitchen space.


Significant factors to consider about kitchen spaces

 The most important function of a kitchen is to prepare food. The countertop will not provide you space as a quick breakfast counter or a homework desk for your kids, S armour utilization of your countertop is mandatory. Try to incorporate small and slimmer electrical appliances to reduce occupation of your counter space. For example go for 2 burner stoves, taller double-decker fridge or a rollout island that can be used when required and pushed aside when not required. So make your kitchen a smart space.


Smart Kitchen Furniture

Kitchen cabinets are the first thought that comes to our mind when we think of kitchen furniture. Kitchen cabinets normally make kitchen space look boxed and claustrophobic. Got for open shelves and glass door cabinets to make your kitchen look spacious, use pot and pan hangers, slide out counter tops and drawers to avoid cluster. Always about for foldable furniture with slim legs to save space.


Reflecting Surfaces

Always opt for a glossy finish for countertops, walls, cabinet doors etc to make space look larger as reflectors always light making space look larger. Using stainless steel appliances and glass tiles is a good option


Make your kitchen an open sociable space

Make your kitchen a connecting open space between other areas. This makes the kitchen look big and your family members can socialize over a meal and be connected with the surroundings. To avoid odour from the kitchen you can use glass doors or sliding glass walls.


Lighting is the trick

Make sure to utilize natural and artificial lights to brighten your kitchen space. Use cabinet lights and hanging lights to add elegance and warmth to your kitchen. By painting your kitchen light along with the lightning could make our kitchen wonderful;


So have a smart kitchen with a lot of space though it’s small by implementing the ideas of building contractors Kerala



3 Simple Home Interior Improvements That Will Add Value To Your Home

3 Simple Home Interior Improvements That Will Add Value To Your Home

Home Improvement:-Your home is undoubtedly one of the biggest investments you will ever make. The initial purchase is, however, just the start of your relationship with your new house. Renovations of varying magnitudes are bound to follow, often resulting in an ongoing, long-term project involving various areas of the home.  Whether you ultimately choose to renovate your home for your own pleasure, to create additional space or to resell it, you are bound to benefit from these value-boosting renovations.

Minor bathroom remodel

The average return at resale of a minor bathroom remodel is in the region of 102% according to US-based HGTV, depending on whether you do some of the work yourself or rely on contractors.  A minor transformation generally includes a new tub, toilet, sink, and vanity as well as a fresh coat of paint on the walls.  When remodeling your bathroom it is important to keep abreast of current trends without overdoing it. Natural materials such as wood and marble are predicted to be popular next year, together with a color palette filled with forest greens, ash greys, and earthy mushrooms. If you want to really add value to your home consider investing in a range of smart bathroom devices such as ambient lighting or a smart shower head.

Major kitchen remodel

A major kitchen remodel is undeniably one of the most expensive home renovations you can undertake. Luckily you can expect a return of as much as 91% when reselling. It is typically safe to budget as much as 10% of your home’s value towards a major kitchen makeover. When remodeling, aim to create more space by removing any cabinets above your counters and be sure to choose a color scheme that is both trendy and practical. According to kitchen design predictions for next year, metallic appliances are making way for those with a colorful or dark matte finish while shades of blue and green, coupled with wood and quartz finishes. You can keep your renovation costs down by doing most of the work yourself. Just don’t over-exert yourself and familiarise yourself with all equipment and techniques to prevent injury and costly mistakes.

Redoing your walls and your floors

Giving your entire home a fresh coat of paint and redoing your floors can see you enjoy a return up to 40% when selling your home. Some of the top colour palettes for next year include neutral earthy tones such as clay and hazelnut, soft pastels, dark greens, mustard and a whole range of blues. As far as flooring is concerned, hardwood, cork, and coloured concrete will all continue to be popular choices, adding value to your home while changing the overall look completely.

Renovating your home is bound to be a very exciting and rewarding project.  By staying abreast of the latest trends while not discarding your own personal tastes entirely, you are bound to give your home a striking and valuable makeover.


Things to consider when hiring Home and Building Designers

A person’s home is what he dreams of building for years, and once that dream turns into a reality, his attention is next turned towards the interiors of his home. The interiors contain a touch of the home owner’s personality and can be minimalist or ostentatious depending on the owner’s tastes and his budget. Because of the sense of ownership that it affords, and because of the scope of saving on some expenses, many people go for a do-it-yourself approach to home interiors. They purchase the raw materials themselves, appoint the workers, and supervise the work while it is being done. But because all homeowners might not be fully conversant with the construction and interiors industry, they often end up spending more. Also, it might be a strain on the home owner’s time to have to spend days, weeks and even months at the site of his house, which could easily hamper his other work.

That is where home and building designers can come in handy. They have the required expertise to do a good job and give your home a great look both from inside and out. You might think you will end up spending more, but if you keep a few things in mind, you can have the job done without burning a hole in your pocket and also get good quality.

Clear Expectations – The client needs to be very clear in his mind what sort of involvement he would be willing and able to give, and also what would be the expectations he would have from the designer. Would he be hands-on and expect to be involved in every small detail, or would he want the designer to decide everything? Would the designer need to just explain to him verbally what he plans to do, or would he need to show him pictures or maybe even show him real samples? This clarity will help the work progress smoothly after it starts.

Precise View of Budget and Scope of Work – The client needs to be very clear what exactly he needs and how much he would be willing to spend on it. If this is not done, then things can get added on as work progresses, and costs can escalate.

Find Out Who You Are Hiring – It is always a good thing to check the credentials of the interior designer you are planning to hire before the contract is signed. Friends and neighbours can give you feedback, or they can collect feedback from someone they know, or you could log on to the internet and read reviews if available.

Set Timelines – You need to discuss and agree with the home designer not only the overall time the project will take but also at what frequency you will be given a status report. This will help avoid heartburn later if both sides are not clear and agreed upon the expected timelines. You might also want to put in a penalty clause if timelines are not adhered to.



Benefit of having the Right Mattress for a Good Night Sleep

A good night sleep is essential to feel energized, to carry on activities for the next day without losing on enthusiasm. A good mattress in such a case helps in increasing the sleep quality, thereby decreasing the neck and back pain associated with a bad mattress.

Now-a-days there are wide range of variety and types of mattress available , each having its own different functions and cost.  As a designer, while selecting mattress, we have to look at all aspects like comfort, health, luxury as well as budget

While purchasing a mattress please follow below mentioned

One can choose between a firm mattress, plush layers or box top matresses.  Firm mattress tops are best suited.  After being for a number of years in architecture and design industry and having received various feedbacks, we suggest firm  mattress to client as a priority, as they are comfortable to sleep, provide pain relief and are comparatively economical

Choose a Right Mattress that is right for you

There are broadly five types of mattresses available in India

  • Coir mattresses
  • Spring mattresses
  • Foam mattresses
  • Memory foam mattresses
  • Latex mattresses

Strictly avoid Memory foam mattresses

Memory foam mattresses are best for back pain and body aches. But they can be potentially dangerous and harmful. They can be inflammable, not child safe and releases toxic emissions.

Better to avoid Latex mattresses

Latex mattresses are most expensive of all the mattresses. The advantage you get is long term durability. Latex mattresses can easily withstand up to 10 years. But we have not found certifications on Latex safety. If you are keen on this ask the vendor for product manual and look for certifications. As it is super expensive you can safely ignore it.

Coir mattresses are firm

As the name suggest coir mattress is made of Coconut coir and very much eco-friendly, healthy as well. But coir is by nature hard so Coir mattresses are not superior in terms of softness and comfort.

Spring vs Foam mattresses

Spring mattress is made of springs and small coils stuffed under and have a nice cushion wrapper. The foam mattress is filled by foam with multiple layers. Spring mattresses are cheaper than Foam mattresses. The main difference is bounce nature of Spring mattresses, called as motion transfer. If your partner moves in sleep it may effect you. If you can easily wake up in sleep because of movements then Spring mattresses is not good choice. If you sleep alone, or your partner sleeps like a rock, or you don’t care even if your partner moves then Spring mattresses suits you.