Benefit of having the Right Mattress for a Good Night Sleep

A good night sleep is essential to feel energized, to carry on activities for the next day without losing on enthusiasm. A good mattress in such a case helps in increasing the sleep quality, thereby decreasing the neck and back pain associated with a bad mattress.

Now-a-days there are wide range of variety and types of mattress available , each having its own different functions and cost.  As a designer, while selecting mattress, we have to look at all aspects like comfort, health, luxury as well as budget

While purchasing a mattress please follow below mentioned

One can choose between a firm mattress, plush layers or box top matresses.  Firm mattress tops are best suited.  After being for a number of years in architecture and design industry and having received various feedbacks, we suggest firm  mattress to client as a priority, as they are comfortable to sleep, provide pain relief and are comparatively economical

Choose a Right Mattress that is right for you

There are broadly five types of mattresses available in India

  • Coir mattresses
  • Spring mattresses
  • Foam mattresses
  • Memory foam mattresses
  • Latex mattresses

Strictly avoid Memory foam mattresses

Memory foam mattresses are best for back pain and body aches. But they can be potentially dangerous and harmful. They can be inflammable, not child safe and releases toxic emissions.

Better to avoid Latex mattresses

Latex mattresses are most expensive of all the mattresses. The advantage you get is long term durability. Latex mattresses can easily withstand up to 10 years. But we have not found certifications on Latex safety. If you are keen on this ask the vendor for product manual and look for certifications. As it is super expensive you can safely ignore it.

Coir mattresses are firm

As the name suggest coir mattress is made of Coconut coir and very much eco-friendly, healthy as well. But coir is by nature hard so Coir mattresses are not superior in terms of softness and comfort.

Spring vs Foam mattresses

Spring mattress is made of springs and small coils stuffed under and have a nice cushion wrapper. The foam mattress is filled by foam with multiple layers. Spring mattresses are cheaper than Foam mattresses. The main difference is bounce nature of Spring mattresses, called as motion transfer. If your partner moves in sleep it may effect you. If you can easily wake up in sleep because of movements then Spring mattresses is not good choice. If you sleep alone, or your partner sleeps like a rock, or you don’t care even if your partner moves then Spring mattresses suits you.


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