Excavators Rent Updated for 2018

Excovators rent

JCB 3DX                1hr               1200/-   +  Bata

Hitachi 20               1hr               1000/-   +  Bata

Hitach 30/35           1hr               1100/-   +  Bata

Hitachi 70                1hr              1300/-   +  Bata

Hitachi 110/120       1hr              1600/-   +  Bata

Tipper 150feet         1Day           5500/-   +  Bata

Excovators rent
Excovators Rent


International Rates

All rates on equipment, other than ground thaw equipment, are based on a 10 hour day, 50 hour week or 200 hour/28 day month. Hour meter will determine additional charges. Double shifts will be charged at 1.5 times standard rate, triple shifts at 2 times standard rate. Rates subject to change without notice. Rental starts when equipment leaves dealers yard and ceases upon return. Additional charges for fuel, trucking, and cleanup. Customer pays for all damages

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