Make your bathroom high-tech

Let’s go through some fun concept of high tech bathroom gadgets to include in your bathroom.


Chromatherapy Shower

Aromatherapy is a well-known treatment method. Chromatherapy shower uses colour therapy where LEDs in your bathtub or shower beam down colourful lights that help you retain your energy. Some call it fake but it makes an amazing shower.


Kohler Shower Speaker

Who doesn’t like to hear music while having a bath after a hectic day? Kohler shower speaker is the best choice you have. They are water resistant and gives you amazing sound effects.


Bathroom Privacy Glass

Who doesn’t want privacy while bathing? But then a lot of light is required while applying makeup. Bathroom privacy Glass fulfils both the purpose. It fits into any window size and you can make it opaque or transparent with a simple click on your smartphone app that acts as a remote control.

high tech bathroom

Touch-Free Toilet Flush

Everyone hates the idea of touching the flush button that may carry germs that may cause a lot of diseases. How about a touch-free toilet flush. Just wave your hand above the motion sensor and the flush works by itself perfectly. The best option for public bathrooms.

high tech bathroom

Towel Warming Drawer

Do you like a wet towel after a relaxing shower? No right! Here is the perfect drawer that keeps your towels organized and toasty as per your need.

high tech bathroom

Vanity Mirror TV

The sleek and slim vanity mirror is a magic box. It comes with an inbuilt TV, storage space for the toothbrush, toothpaste etc.

high tech bathroom

Digital Shower Controls

Imagine a shower head where you can control the speed of water pouring down, a screen where you can save the type of shower you prefer and also adjust the heat of the water. Digital shower control is the perfect choice for you.

high tech bathroom

The Odorless Toilet Fan

Have you covered your nose and avoided using toilets because of foul smell and unclean conditions. The odourless Toilet fan is the best solution for you. A fan unit is placed inside the toilet tank which sucks out foul odour from the toilet and leaves the air clean. The fan also comes with a carbon filter. The fan is designed like a turbine jet engine.

high tech bathroom

Musical Shower Curtain

A certain with built-in speakers and also waterproof pocket to place your mp3 player or iPod. You can hear the music while you shower by simply connecting your musical device to the integral wire of the speaker in the curtain, Cool huh!!


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This Bathroom Makeover Hits all of 2018’s Top Trends

Remodeling your bathroom shouldn’t be daunting, but there are so many different fixtures, sinks, bathtubs, showers, toilets and cabinets that it can be hard to find something that goes together.


But, if you’re in need of a bathroom makeover, this article is for you.


This bathroom makeover effortlessly combines some of 2018’s top bathroom design trends to make your bathroom modern and beautiful.


Say goodbye to your brass faucets and boring counter space. Transform your old and rickety bathroom into a work of art using these trendy fixtures.

Making the Most of Your Space

Finding huge houses in most suburban areas of the United States is getting to be pretty difficult. With housing prices rising, it’s hard to find a space that is big enough that isn’t going to destroy our bank accounts.


That’s why, in 2018, we have to make the most of our space.

Bathroom enclosures
Bathroom enclosures

Even if your bathroom starts off small, there are ways to make it seem larger by designing your bathroom around the space you have.


Smaller vanity areas, standing showers, and under-counter storage can help to maximize the space you have. Adding larger mirrors above the sink or on an empty wall can also help to open up the room and make it feel less closed off.


Illuminate the Vanity

Vanity Unit with lights
Vanity Unit

When you wake up in the morning or if you’re getting ready for a big night out, you need the space you use to pamper yourself up to be fully functional.


With the proper lighting, you can make your vanity area feel larger and the increased brightness will help to make getting ready easier.


Adding bright lights and a large mirror will help to open up the space and can help you make the most of your vanity.


Make it Black

Black Themed Bathroom designs
Black Themed Bathroom

As we entered 2018, a new trend has sprouted within the bathroom: matte black fixtures.


Brass and chrome/silver faucets and other fixtures are a thing of the past and matte black fixtures are here to take over.


Matte black faucets have been seen most often paired with a white or light colored countertop to provide the perfect contrast a bathroom needs.


Floor Heating

Let’s face it– there’s almost nothing worse than cold feet. And, especially after getting out of a nice, steamy shower, the last thing we want is to step foot on the chilly tile floor.


Unsurprisingly, many have turned to under-floor and under-counter heating systems to warm up their bathroom.


Whether you currently have wood, tile, vinyl or even concrete in your bathroom, you can install under-floor heating to help keep your feet warm.


The All-Natural Color Pallette

Neutral color Bathroom Concepts
Neutral color Bathroom Concepts

Over the last few years, people have loved neutral colors in their bathrooms.


When selecting cabinetry, countertops, tiling, or paint for their walls, people have often turned to the light and comforting greys, browns, and off-whites to effortlessly promote a sense of coziness and home in their bathroom.


This trend has rightfully cared on its way into 2018.


Adding a neutral backsplash, countertop, or tile floor can help transform your bathroom from drab to fab.


The Addition of an Accent

The Addition of an Accent
The Addition of an Accent

People are sick and tired of having boring bathrooms. 2018 is all about making the bathroom more than just the room where you do your business and leave.


In order to make bathrooms more interesting and even the center of attention in a home, designers have seen a spike in the interest of adding accent walls and floors to bathrooms.


Wooden panelling, intricate tilework, shaped tiles, and colorful backsplashes are just a few of the best ways to add an extra sizzle to your bathroom’s presentation.


Hovering Double-Vanities

Hovering Double-Vanities
Hovering Double-Vanities

Going back to quality vanities, the place in the bathroom where we spend the most of our time. In 2018, we’ve seen a lot of eyes tracking floating vanities.


These vanities do exactly as they say; they float– well, not exactly. These vanities are cemented onto the walls and create an overhang without any plumbing lines beneath them.


Often times, with this vanity you are compromising the space you could have used for extra storage in order to create a more aesthetically-pleasing area, but it’s all worth it if you can spare the space for cabinetry elsewhere.


Store a stool for you and your partner under the overhanging countertop that you can use to relax as you get ready for the day.


High-Tech Bathroom Appliances

High-Tech Bathroom Appliances
High-Tech Bathroom Appliances

I mean, it’s 2018, you had to be expecting this one.


In the age of technology, we’re always looking for more ways to integrate it into our lives. First, we saw home security monitors, thermostats and virtual assistants come into our homes to make our lives easier.


Now, we’ve seen high-tech toilets, showers, and heating enter our bathrooms.


Choose the temperature of your shower water, flush for number one or number two, or even change the lighting of your bathroom from the tub. There are endless ways that technology can and will enter the bathroom.


Open-Ended Shelving/Stand-Alone Storage

Open-Ended Shelving/Stand-Alone Storage
Open-Ended Shelving/Stand-Alone Storage


Throughout 2018, we’ve seen an uprise of freestanding furniture and shelving that proudly display a person’s belongings for ease of access.


Install a simple, rustic wooden plank shelf or an antique armoire in your bathroom for a beautiful centerpiece to grab your guest’s attention and an affordable and functional storage space.


Save money by finding something antique at your local flea market or secondhand store or make DIY shelves that look amazing.


We’re only about halfway through 2018 and we’ve already seen dozens of bathroom trends sweep the market.


With neutrals as popular as ever and dark contrasting appliances meeting with double vanities and high-tech equipment, the perfect bathroom seems to be just around the corner.


However, if you were unable to find anything that pleased your eye, perhaps the Neutral Brown and White Bathroom Design, or the Open-Walled, Natural Light Bathroom Design, or maybe even the Colorful Bathroom Design is a better fit for you.


Whatever you choose, 2018 is bringing some of the hottest trends of all time into the bathroom.