Make your bathroom high-tech

Let’s go through some fun concept of high tech bathroom gadgets to include in your bathroom.


Chromatherapy Shower

Aromatherapy is a well-known treatment method. Chromatherapy shower uses colour therapy where LEDs in your bathtub or shower beam down colourful lights that help you retain your energy. Some call it fake but it makes an amazing shower.


Kohler Shower Speaker

Who doesn’t like to hear music while having a bath after a hectic day? Kohler shower speaker is the best choice you have. They are water resistant and gives you amazing sound effects.


Bathroom Privacy Glass

Who doesn’t want privacy while bathing? But then a lot of light is required while applying makeup. Bathroom privacy Glass fulfils both the purpose. It fits into any window size and you can make it opaque or transparent with a simple click on your smartphone app that acts as a remote control.

high tech bathroom

Touch-Free Toilet Flush

Everyone hates the idea of touching the flush button that may carry germs that may cause a lot of diseases. How about a touch-free toilet flush. Just wave your hand above the motion sensor and the flush works by itself perfectly. The best option for public bathrooms.

high tech bathroom

Towel Warming Drawer

Do you like a wet towel after a relaxing shower? No right! Here is the perfect drawer that keeps your towels organized and toasty as per your need.

high tech bathroom

Vanity Mirror TV

The sleek and slim vanity mirror is a magic box. It comes with an inbuilt TV, storage space for the toothbrush, toothpaste etc.

high tech bathroom

Digital Shower Controls

Imagine a shower head where you can control the speed of water pouring down, a screen where you can save the type of shower you prefer and also adjust the heat of the water. Digital shower control is the perfect choice for you.

high tech bathroom

The Odorless Toilet Fan

Have you covered your nose and avoided using toilets because of foul smell and unclean conditions. The odourless Toilet fan is the best solution for you. A fan unit is placed inside the toilet tank which sucks out foul odour from the toilet and leaves the air clean. The fan also comes with a carbon filter. The fan is designed like a turbine jet engine.

high tech bathroom

Musical Shower Curtain

A certain with built-in speakers and also waterproof pocket to place your mp3 player or iPod. You can hear the music while you shower by simply connecting your musical device to the integral wire of the speaker in the curtain, Cool huh!!


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