Enhancing Home Design using IoT Tech

Enhancing Home Design using IoT Tech

In India, the number of IoT devices will increase to 2.7 billion units by 2020 according to a NASSCOM report. If you compare that with the 200 million units that the report states were available in 2016, you can see just how significant that increase will be. With this kind of forecast, it is not surprising that home designers and construction companies are looking into ways they can exploit these changes to increase the value of homes in India. IoT can be used to enhance security, entertainment and change the way you light your home.

IoT and Security

There are security cameras, door and window sensors and other gadgets that work using the internet of things. These devices can either be connected to the internet through Wi-Fi, or may use protocols like Zigbee to communicate with other devices in your home. For example, your connected security camera can send you a notification when someone is standing by your door when you are away from home. While this actually enhances your home security, it may make you vulnerable to hackers that could use the internet to access your home’s security cameras. To prevent this you may need to use technology that secures the networks your smart devices use to communicate with one another. One way to do this is by securing your PC, tablets and smartphones online using VPN. You may also turn to devices that use protocols such as Radio Frequency (RF), which are harder to hack.

IoT for maintaining your house structure

Any house buyer will appreciate technology that helps maintain the structure of their home to enhance its durability.  One way this can be done is by installing sensors in strategic areas of your plumbing system to help you detect water leaks before they become a major problem. These sensors can send notifications to your phone when there is a leak. Waterproofing your home prevents paint peels, warping of wood on wooden floors, cracks and other major issues. There are other IoT devices that can detect gas leaks, smoke and other air impurities in your home.

IoT and your Electricity Bill

Home designers that want to incorporate IoT devices in homes should care more about the benefits these devices bring to a home not their appearance. They should also be aware that a few quality smart devices in a home are better than a home cluttered with smart devices that may never be used.

Turning off all the lights and devices that use electricity when they are not being used is one way to cut your electricity bill. However, IoT based technologies can automatically regulate power supply associated with electronics or appliances in your home during peak usage periods. This can save many Kerala residents a lot of money especially during the summer months. If you cannot afford a full IoT electricity management system, you can still save energy and money by using devices such as smart thermostats, smart lights and smart plugs. For example, smart plugs can automatically turn off devices that may be wasting energy in your home, and smart lights can turn off if they detect that a room is not occupied.