Vastu Questions and answers

Vastu Questions and answers


Is Vastushasthra  for the followers of Hinduism?

Answer: No,   The Indian Rishis and munis invented Vasthrushasthra for all those living on the earth. It is equally applicable to all belonging  to any religion, culture or breed


The earth encircles the sun and spins on its own axis, i.e. it is not stable. What is the utility of vasthu in such a condition?

Answer:It is right that the earth revolves on its axis and encircles the sun too. Our whole universe is also running towards infinite in the Milky way very fast.  Many carriages of atrain run on the rail simultaneously. All the luggage in the carriages is stable while they are in motion. If suddenly the speed is either reduced or increased the luggage is disturbed.  Similarly, the earth is also revolving on its axis with a uniform speed from the beginning. All the fixe things on its surface are stable. The basis of the vasthushasthra is omnipresent five elements, viz. earth, water, fire, air and sky


How does a layman know whether his house is as per vasthu or not?

Suppose your life is smooth, peaceful and business is good.  When you change the residence and life becomes miserable, peace is disturbed, loss in business, face health problems then it clearly suggests that the new house or renovation of old one is not as per vasthu.


If in spite of Vastnu defects life is happy and peaceful even than the removal of Vasthu fefects is required?

No. It is true that when the fortune is favourable and strong Vasthu defects are not felt. But when the fortune is not favourable then Vasthu defects become strong and disrupt the life.  As long as fortune is favourable there is no need to make any changes in Vasthu.  We visit our doctor only when we fall ill.  A healthy person does not go to see his doctor.  When day to day life is disturbed then only the removal of the Vasthu defects should be done


Does Vasthu affect men and women separately?

As per Vasthu east of the north east, north of the north-east, west of the north-west and west of the south-west represent region of man..  South-east, south, sourth of the south-west and north of the north-west represent woman.  All the other directions of Vasthu affect them equally.


Do east-facing or north-facing plots are as per Vasthu?

No,  All the four directions are natural.  Construction can be carried out facing any one direction as per Vasthu.  But as per Vasthu much open space should be left in the north and east directions to get more advantages of morning vital sun rays.  Less open space should be left in the south and west directions to avoid contact with the negative rays of the sun afternoon.  That’s why there is no ample parking space in front of the south and west facing houses.  East and north-facing plots are therefore rated better.


Is Vasthu applicable to the residents of ground floor only?

Residents of ground floor are affected by Vasthu 100% because this is related to the earth.  Underground water source, garden, main gate, high and low of the ground and shape of the gtound are all on the earth.  The effect of the earth on Vasthu decreases as the height increases.  It is only 80 to 90% effective on 8th -9th floor approximate.


Can Vasthu defects be eradicated by the Chinese Vasthushasthra –Feng shui?

Yes.  Principles of the Feng Shui says that if there is a problem there is solution.But it is applicable to eradicate every small Vasthu defects only.


What is the similarity between Indian Vasthrusasthra and Chinese Feng Shui?

There are different systems of medicine, e.g. Ayurved, Allopathy, Homeopathy and Unani etc.  with only one aim, i.e. to keep the human being healthy.  Similarly, Indian Vasthusasthra and Feng Shui are the old art of co-ordinating between shape, proportion and direction of a building, its surroundings with the environment.


Are the principles of Vasthusasthra and Feng Shui applicable in India and China only respectively?

No.   The Principles of Vasthushastra and Feng Shui are based on the sun rays and magnetic rays flowing on the earth, which are not affected by man-made borders of the countries.


Can Vasthushastra and Feng Shui both be applied simultaneously in one Vasthu?

Yes.  The simultaneous application of Vasthushasthra and Feng Shui is much advantageous. Both should be applied under the advice of experienced and learned Vasthu Consultants.


How does Vasthu affect more than one property of the same person?

If a person owns more than one properties then the Vasthu of property he uses for his residence and business proposes affects his life.  The property, which he has given to others, will affect its users.  If a property, which is not in any use affects the owner only.


How does Vasthu affect more than one business premises of the same person?

If a business possesses more than one business premises, then he will enjoy all the advantages of the business premises which is as per Vasthu.  But he will have to face the disadvantages of all the Vasthu defects present in other business premises.


In our country houses are small.  Maximum people live in such houses where one or two rooms are shared by all the family members. In such a case what should be the solution?

It is auspicious to decorate a small house or one room house treating it as single Vasthu as per Vasthu, i.e in the south-east rigion of the room heart should be kept, water should be kept in the north-east angle and almirah should be kept in the south-west zone. Please read article entitled “Interior Decoration of One Room and Vathu” in the book “interior Decoration Vasthu and Feng Shui” by this author.


Young family member goes out of the house , in other city to study. Will the Vasthu defects of his house affect his carrer?

No. Wherever that young person lives in other city the Vasthu of that place or room will affect his carrer.


Does trying a cow or planting tulsi in front of the house eradicate Vasthu Defects?

Not at all.  Due to its utility the cow is treated as mother. To tie cow, to apply the cow dung on the courtyard and to wash the house with cow urine are all our religious faiths.  Similarly, due to its medicinal properties tulsi is worshipped.  This is also our religious faith.  Vasthusasthra is a science.  Hence there is no advantage in applying any religious faith to eradicate Vasthu defects.


In a house constructed as per Vasthu, can Vasthu defect originate per se?

Many changes occur around us on their own.  These sometimes create Vasthu defects even in a house constructed as per Vasthu defects even in a house constructed as per Vasthu.  For example, small plants in the north-east zone of a house when grow become big trees then they start obstructing vital morning sunrays.  It becomes a significant Vasthu defect.  If a highway or a bridge is constructed in the north or east and a big drain is constructed in the south or west of the house it creates a Vasthu defect.  So there are many factors that may create Vasthu defect in a house constructed as per Vasthu.


Is there any use of erecting Vasthu defect prevention machine?

Not at all.  There is no mention of any such machine in any book published on Vasthushasthra from the first book to any book till 1995.  This Vasthu defects prevention machine has been invented by some greedy Vasthu consultants to plunder innocent people.  It is created by charging very high price.  It does not give even 1% relief.


Is there any machine available to search Vasthu defects?

No,  The rishi-munis,  who invented Vasthushastra did not create such a machine.  There is no description of such a machine in any old Indian or Chinese book.  Some Vasthu consultants use “Lacquer Antenna” machine to detect Vasthu defets.  By doing so they simply plunder people as this machine is basically used to measure energy of environment and human system.


Can we eradicate Vasthu defects ourselves by merely reading a few books on the subject?

No.  Vasthushastra seems very easy while reading but very difficult when applied.  Only a few general Vasthu defects can be removed by reading some books but significant Vasthu defects can not be eradicated.  People with shallow knowledge can not even differentiate between general and significant Vasthu defect.  Hence it is recommended to consult an able and learned Vasthu consultant.

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