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Are you planning on becoming a professional interior stylist? Well better start to learn photography and start practising to present your creative work through images. Either get a camera or use your mobile phone to make a video or take a picture of whatever styling hacks you do. Styling is all about seeing everything you do through a photographer’s eye. You need to learn a lot about how to do materials catch light, how to take the natural light to your advantage, how to edit the photos etc. Start of styling your own home and will naturally see beauty in everything. So practice is the key to be an experienced stylist.


Once you start to record your work in photos and videos you need to showcase your creativity to the world. Start blogging your work, at least create a portfo9lio website. Share your work on Instagram, Pinterest, facebook etc.  Only then people will see your work and approach you for your service. So start a blog. To become an interior stylist you require a lot of strong creative decisions that pleases people who work with you and whom you work for.


 Networking is a very important part of this field. Are you fresh out of college? Looking for an interior stylist job? Start sending records of your work to every creative person you know. Use the networking sites to reach to people so that you may get a little recognization for your work and they feel your potential to recruit you. Do any small creative job offered your way be it paid or free. When you begin it may seem like a worthless effort. But remember every small work you do, every effort you put in spite of pure nonsensical rejections, these experience will mould you into the best artist. Start going to networking events. Follow creative well-known stylist on social media. Keep yourself connected to your peers. Who knows how successful they may turn out to be and give you a boost in your career.


Start off your career by assisting well experienced Interior Stylist. This will help you learn a lot of things like styling, sourcing properties and learning inside secrets of the life of a stylist. A hands-on experience that you gain by assisting someone is very constructive than the urge to strive alone. Find the best stylist in town and request them if they could take you in as an assistant. If they can’t afford to hire you, request them through emails 2-3 times and if they show no response move on and find someone else.


Simply working for someone else is not enough. You need to have plans to start your own brand. Starting your own brand does not happen overnight. It takes a lot of groundwork. Starting with a blog showcasing your work is a good start. Keep taking good pictures of your work and post it on your blog. Start working for the small brand and slowly grow your own brand along with them. Find products and people who are suitable for your signature style. Simply messing over with every style available does not pitch you as a good stylist. Your signature styling is your trademark a marketing weapon.

The above tips are the most general concepts you need to keep in mind to become an Interior Stylist. Above all get Interior Designing Degree from a good university. This degree will open doors for you to showcase your work. You will get many opportunities as Interior stylist from Architects in Trivandrum


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