How to design a small kitchen?

The kitchen is the heart of your home where family comes together. In Indian homes, kitchen spaces are largely meant for multiple functions. If you take our history of places, there were complete building complex dedicated to kitchen and dining spaces. Its functionality ranged from cooking space too, medicine brewers to the dining area. But as the population increases the need for residential space has also increased leading to big spacious homes to one bedroom flats. Flats only give you tiny spaces for the kitchen. So along with smart space utilization, they require to give you smart functionality too. Here are a few tricks that will work for you to design a small kitchen space.


Significant factors to consider about kitchen spaces

 The most important function of a kitchen is to prepare food. The countertop will not provide you space as a quick breakfast counter or a homework desk for your kids, S armour utilization of your countertop is mandatory. Try to incorporate small and slimmer electrical appliances to reduce occupation of your counter space. For example go for 2 burner stoves, taller double-decker fridge or a rollout island that can be used when required and pushed aside when not required. So make your kitchen a smart space.


Smart Kitchen Furniture

Kitchen cabinets are the first thought that comes to our mind when we think of kitchen furniture. Kitchen cabinets normally make kitchen space look boxed and claustrophobic. Got for open shelves and glass door cabinets to make your kitchen look spacious, use pot and pan hangers, slide out counter tops and drawers to avoid cluster. Always about for foldable furniture with slim legs to save space.


Reflecting Surfaces

Always opt for a glossy finish for countertops, walls, cabinet doors etc to make space look larger as reflectors always light making space look larger. Using stainless steel appliances and glass tiles is a good option


Make your kitchen an open sociable space

Make your kitchen a connecting open space between other areas. This makes the kitchen look big and your family members can socialize over a meal and be connected with the surroundings. To avoid odour from the kitchen you can use glass doors or sliding glass walls.


Lighting is the trick

Make sure to utilize natural and artificial lights to brighten your kitchen space. Use cabinet lights and hanging lights to add elegance and warmth to your kitchen. By painting your kitchen light along with the lightning could make our kitchen wonderful;


So have a smart kitchen with a lot of space though it’s small by implementing the ideas of building contractors Kerala



How to keep your home damp free during monsoon seasons?

Here are some ways to keep your home damp free during monsoon season:


  1. Change regularly

Change your bedspreads, curtains, towels, carpets regularly. These cloth items absorb humidity and leave your home in a dampness. Try to dry clear your space to escape the musty and foul smell.


  1. Scent it Up

Bacterial growth is the biggest challenge we face during monsoon time. So cleaning your home regularly during monsoon is mandatory. Always sent up your home with natural remedies to keep freshness in your house and it also eliminates the damp smell.


  1. Plant it Out

During monsoon, the incoming of sunlight is less. So always keep your green plants outside the home as they invite insects and germs during monsoon season.

Keeping plants indoors in this gloomy weather is not advisable as sunlight is sparse.


  1. Off the Floor

Avoid using carpets during monsoon season. Carpets are a good source to absorb wetness and inviting area for bacterial growth and foul smell. keep expensive carpets away and use daily use carpets. If possible avoid usage of carpets.


  1. Full Circuit

Monsoon is the season of lightning and thunder. This causes fluctuations in electricity. You can prevent your gadgets by keeping them unplugged when not used and check your wiring with the help of an electrician and avoid damp circuits. If you come across a leakage near switchboards take precautions to avoid short circuits.


  1. For the Love of Books

Are you a big-time reader? Is your home stacked with books everywhere. The dampness from monsoon rain can damage these books. So place moisture absorbents like naphthalene balls and silica pouches to absorb moisture and save your books.


  1. Stop the Leaks

Go around your house and check for leaks before the monsoon starts. Leaks are very dangerous and messy. Better to be sure than worry later.


  1. Air it Out

Moisture content is very high during monsoon season. Always allow maximum ventilation whenever possible because the dampness sets in during monsoon along with the foul smell.



  1. Wooden Necessities

Take care of your wooden furniture during monsoon season. Wood is the good absorbent of water So regularly wax your wooden furniture to avoid damage and infestations. Use sandpaper to smooth out your swelled wooden door and windows for ease of closing and opening.

So have a pleasant monsoon and stay safe.

For more useful tips regarding your home, please check out interior designers in Kerala