Construct a Pool With Child Safety in Mind

Everyday, ten people die from unintentional drowning of which two are under the age of 14. If safety precautions aren’t taken, swimming pools are one of the biggest dangers. Implementing safety procedures shouldn’t be left until after the pool is complete, but during and even before construction as well. If you are looking to build a swimming pool, there is no doubt you are in for many fun summers with your children. However, as with all construction, regulations are important and this fun must be within clear boundaries.

Lay Down the Rules, Before You Lay Down the Pool

The most effective way to ensure the safety of your children is to teach them the dangers. Let them know that the swimming pool will only be built on the condition of them following certain rules. This way, they can expect a reward in return for their safe behavior. Explain that the construction site is completely off limits until the swimming pool is safe to use.

Start With Fencing

In most states, pool fencing regulations require that four foot high fences surround all private pools with a depth of more than 18 inches. This fence is usually installed around the pool after it has been built, but why not build this first? That way, you have a clear boundary where a child can be kept out. Even before the pool is filled, a construction site with a large ditch is a dangerous environment.

Add a Pool Cover

Pool covers are one of the most effective ways to prevent swimming pool drowning. During the construction, before the pool is in use, a high quality pool cover will make it almost impossible for a small child to accidentally end up in a dangerous situation. Drowning deaths among 1 to 4 year olds outnumber motor vehicle deaths, so consider a installing a pool cover as important as wearing a seatbelt.

Consider Safety Gadgets

Pool safety is all about layering. First you have the self locking fence that is too high to climb, with a handle a small child can’t reach. Then you have a pool cover that further prevents access to the pool if they somehow do breach the fence. Finally, specially designed technology can act as a final line of defense.

Alarms on the door are a good way to alert parents if the child has gained entry. Once again, install this at the start of construction, rather than when the pool is already built. An underwater alarm can then sound if it detects motion in the pool. This will immediately alert you and even emergency services to a potential drowning situation. By getting to the scene quickly, the chances of serious injury are lessened.

Building a pool is a great construction project for the family. It isn’t too difficult or expensive, but can provide many hours of joy. However, from before the construction begins, focus on the safety of young family member. Those under 4 years old are most at risk, so focus on fencing, pool covers and alarm technology for maximum safety.