Kerala Loading and Unloading Labour Union Rates for 1/12/2016 to 30/11/2018

Construction Materials Loading and Unloading Rates for 2018  – Kerala

Cement (Will charge 20% extra for closed vehicle) 1Bag Rs.9.88
Steel 1Tonne Rs.383.25
Steel Anglare 1Tonne Rs.437.50
Marble, Granite Slab 1Tonne Rs.1006.25
Tiles 1Tonne Rs.934.38
Tiles Upto 1ft/box Rs.7.48
Between  1ft to 2ft/box Rs.14.95
2ft x 2ft/box Rs.26.00
1mx1m(2no)/box Rs.46.80
Roof Tiles Clay small/piece Rs.0.25
Cement small/Piece Rs.0.75
Cement Big/Piece Rs.1.50
Normal Roof tiles 1000No Rs.281.75
Interlock Floor tiles Small/Piece Rs.1.00
Medium/piece Rs.1.50
Big/piece Rs.2.00
Solid Cement Bricks 4Inch/Piece Rs.4.38
6Inch/Piece Rs.5.75
4inch Brick size/Piece Rs.1.00
Hollow Bricks 4Inch/piece Rs.2.60
6Inch/piece Rs.3.09
8Inch/piece Rs.3.58
Interlock Bricks(wall) 4Inch/piece Rs.2.10
6Inch/piece Rs2.55
8Inch/piece Rs.3.00
Wood Loading (Full Load) Big Lorry/ 9Tonne Rs.3125.00
Medium Lorry/ 6Tonne (407) Rs.2812.00
Tempo/ 4Tonne Rs.1875.00
Goods Carrier Big/Load Rs.1125.00
Goods Carrier Small/Load Rs.750.00
Wood Unloading (Full Load) Big Lorry Rs.1512.00
DCM full load Rs.1260.00
Mini lorry/Load Rs.945.00
Wood loading, arranging and Tying 1  tonne Rs.567.00
Shuttering Wood Big Lorry/load Rs.3125.00
Medium Lorry/load (407) Rs.1875.00
Matador Rs.1250.00
Stearing Auto Rs.875.00
Pickup Rs.500.00
Wood Frame(kattila) Small/Piece Rs.50.00
Big Rs.100.00
Wood Door Shutter(Vathil) 1No Rs.31.25
Wood Window Frame(Including Grill) Per Shutter Rs.18.75
Cement Window 2 Shutter Rs.50.00
3 Shutter Rs.65.00
Wood Window (without Grill) 2 Shutter Rs.37.50
3 Shutter Rs.45.00
4 Shutter Rs.56.25
Steel Door 1Set Rs.187.50
Shuttering Sheet 1No Rs.10.63
Shuttering sheet(Half) 1No Rs.6.88
Shuttering Span set 1No Rs.16.25
Jacky(Prop) 1No Rs.10.63
Vibrator, Pump, Welding set, 1No Rs.168.75
Cement Ring Small/Piece Rs.62.50
Big/piece Rs.93.75
Cement Jally, Pillar Upto 25Kg Rs.9.38
Between 25kg to 50kg Rs.28.75
Above 50Kg Rs.37.50
Balcony Handrail 3.5m to 4.5m/set Rs.93.75
Aluminium Frame 1No Rs.10.63
Aluminium Shutter 2No Rs.7.48
Asbestos Sheet Small 1No Rs.11.38
Big 1No Rs.15.21
PVC sheet 1No Rs.7.48
GI sheet 1No Rs.9.43
GI sheet (including Levi) 1Tonne Rs.536.25
ACP Sheet 1No Rs.12.50
Aluminium Channel sections 1Kg Rs.1.25
Aluminum Channel Section 1bundle/10no Rs.6.25
Plywood 1/2″ to 1″ /piece Rs.15.93
Hard board 1No Rs.13.00
PVC pipe Betweeb 3/4″ to 2.1/2″ -1Bundle Rs.24.38
Between 2.1/2″ to 5″ -1 Bundle Rs.37.38
Fire fighting Pipe Above 4″ Rs.1402.50
PVC pipe fittings 1Bundle Rs.13.00
GI pipe fittings 1Bundle Rs.22.75
GI and MS pipe Between 3/4″ to 2″ Rs.10.24
Between 2″ to 4″ Rs.21.13
Steel and ceramic sink Small/Piece Rs.12.50
Big/piece Rs.25.00
Closet, Wash basin, Flush tank  etc 1No Rs.20.00
Shower Tray, shower Cubicle, Bath tub Fibre – 1no Rs.112.50
Ceramic – 1no Rs.325.00
Manhole cover(including frame) 1No Rs.121.88
Glass Sheet 4’x3′ Rs.250.00
5’x4′ Rs.250.00
6’x4′ Rs.287.50
8’x4′ Rs.287.50
8’x6′ Rs.350.00
8’x5′ Rs.350.00
Ventilation glass 1no Rs.1.63
Window Glass 1No Rs.2.80
Grill 1Tonne Rs.747.50
Gate 1Tonne Rs.747.50
Water Tank 1000 Ltr Rs.100.00
750 Ltr Rs.75.00
500 Ltr Rs.50.00
250 Ltr Rs.37.50
Septic tank Below 50Kg Rs.25.00
Above 50Kg Rs.50.00
Boundry Slab 1No Rs.31.85.00
Mixer Machine Small Rs.1625.00
Big Rs.2375.00
Borewell Things  Loading/unloading 1Tonne Rs.875.00
Piling Things loading/Unloading 1Tonne Rs.625.00
Piling Winch Rs.1,125.00
Plastic powder 75Kg Rs.15.00
Kattadi Kazha Above 15′ 1piece Rs.8.45
Upto 15′ Rs.6.66
Electrical Pipe 1Bundle Rs.6.66
Electrical Wire 1Roll Rs.33.64
Wiring Materials, painting materials and CP fittings Between 8Kg to 20Kg Rs.15.44
Between 20Kgto 30Kg Rs.19.50
Between 30Kg to 50 Kg Rs.32.50
Chicken mesh and Welding Mesh 1Roll Rs.11.38
H Frame set 2No Rs.14.63
Rolling Shutter 1Set Rs.650.00
HD cable Full Drum Rs.1121.25
HD cable Small roll Rs.560.00
Heavy machinery Upto 100Kg /Tonne Rs.1406.24
Upto 500KG/ Tonne Rs.1868.74
Above 500kg/ Tonne Rs.3275.00
Steel Beam 1Tonne Rs.750.00

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