10 Smart Tips to Build Low Budget Homes

Building a home is a dream come true. But building it within your budget is a challenge. The cost of construction material and labor becomes unbearable with the ever-increasing market rate. So to build your dream home to reality we need to take a few well thought out steps. Following are 10 smart tips top build low budget homes.

1.Smart Design

A well worked out plan will always keep you on track during the construction phase. Approach a good architect who plans your home as per your requirement within your budget. Make sure to ask the opinion of your family members before you finalize the plan. By doing so, you will save yourself from any future demolishing and reconstruction process which is a waste of money, time and material.


2. Buy a plot within your budget

Buying a piece of land is a big investment. Land rates are shooting up every day making it almost impossible to buy a plot. Especially near the city areas the land prices are going off the roof. So always opt to buy lands in suburban areas where developers are still undergoing and the land cost is affordable.


3. Get expert technical help

It is important to find experienced contractors and civil engineers who can help you technically construct your dream home. Brief the contractor about your requirement of a low budget home. Ask the contractor to come up with cost-effective methods and materials to construct your home. With their expertise, they can find you cost-effective material, labor, and strategies to build your home within budget.


4. Buy from reputed dealers

The market has a lot of dealers and suppliers who can supply you with construction material. But the cost and quality of the material need not be within your budget or quality. So do a thorough research and find a well-reputed dealer who can find low cost, low maintenance construction material.


5. Use salvaged material

Not all material that comes out of demolished sites is waste. Reusable and good quality materials are sold out into the material market and reused for construction purposes. So hunt down salvaged materials from the material market with the help of an experienced person.


6. Pick accessories from reputed suppliers

A house construction is not finished with just bricks, cement, and concrete. Accessories like wiring, plumbing fixtures, flooring all are required to make a house habitable. These accessories are always costly. Always opt for simple accessories without much ornamentation to keep the purchase within budget. Buy the accessories from reputed dealers who can provide you quality low-cost materials and guarantee you replacements if found faulty.


7. Avoid unnecessary decor

Always try to keep your home as simple and natural as possible. When you opt for a majestic or expensive look for your home, the cost of accessories that goes into achieving the look is high. To avoid unwanted decors. If you want your j=home to look chic and cool o for DIY decors which has a personal touch.


8.A Big NO NO to grand Kitchens and bathrooms

People seem to prefer expensively designed kitchens and bathrooms. Many build their homes around these as a status symbol. Avoid heavy fixtures, furniture, and flooring that may increase your budget. Avoid buying expensive accessories for your bathroom. As far as the low budget materials satisfy your needs to buy them.


9. Avoid expensive wood

Cost of wood is skyrocketing. Anything made of wood is high maintenance. Try to buy low-cost wood for requirements that are unavoidable. Go for non-wood fixtures like Steel doors and windows, plastic doors for bathrooms etc. Avoid wooden paneling, wooden furniture etc.


10. Use prefabricated construction material

Prefabricated construction material is manufactured off-site and then transport to the construction sites. Prefabricated concrete slabs, concrete blocks, and units can be used to reduce overall construction cost. Prefabricated materials are eco-friendly, saves construction time, labor cost and reduce site disruption.


A home is what we make out of it. If you have a majestic house and no one share it with, the whole concept of home is lost. Small or big home is an emotion shared with your loved ones and should be fully functional according to your needs. You may contact us for any renovation & construction works of your home in Kerala. We have interior designers, decorators and top architects who are experts in house renovation & construction work to assist you. 


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