10 Interior Design tricks to make your home look amazing

Who does not want a well decorated and chic home? But the budget is what stops everyone from decorating their home. With a lit bit of thought put in and creativity we can decorate our home within the budget and make your home look the way you want. Here are some smart interior design tricks to make your home look amazing:


1.Paint small rooms with light colours


Do you have small spaces in your home that looks cramped and suffocating? Is it frustrating to spend time in those spaces? Paint the small spaces with light colours. Light colours help the small space to look expanded. They reflect natural light making the room look large. Avoid using dark curtains and furniture coverings which will again make the room look constricted. Avoid dark paints on the walls of the room.


2.Use mirrors and decorative lights


Small spaces can be made to look large by adding mirrors as they give an illusion effect of space expansion. Mirrors also reflect natural light and give the room a large effect. Mirrors are also used in awkward spaces where no furniture can fit in. By adding a mirror to such spaces, the attention is drawn from the corner to the mirror. When mirrors used along with lights, dark spaces where a low amount of natural light seeps in can be made to look larger.


  1. Add hand me downs with modern amenities


Do you have old antique pieces that you have packed away boxes? Dust them up. You can use them to mix match with your modern furniture. An old grandfather clock can be made into your centrepiece in your living room and matched up with your modern sofa. Interior designers always suggest making your interior decor reflect your personality. Let the design tell your story. So adding hand me down with your modern amenities in a chic way of presenting your home.


  1. Use changeable slip overs


Who doesn’t get bored with the same coloured furniture coverings? You can give a different look to your home depending on seasons and occasion by simply using changeable slip overs for your beds, pillows, cushions etc. Light colours maybe your favourite choice of furniture cover but you are scared that they may get stained? No worries use changeable slip overs. Every time they get stained you can change them and send them out for laundry. Do you have kids at home and frequent quest? Ahian changeable slip overs is the perfect choice for a fresh and neat look for your furniture.


5.Upcycle what you already have


It’s not always necessary to spend a huge amount of money on buying new decoratives for your home. You may have pieces that you have left forgotten. Use them to decorate your home. Be a little creative and create DIY pieces to decorate your home. Nothing looks warmer and welcoming than a home decorated with art of your own creativity.


6.Use rugs

Many think the use of the rug only to show luxury. But the magic a small rug brings to your home is amazing. Rugs help your home look warm and cosy. Rugs help protect the floor. Light rugs make the dark rooms look brighter. Rugs can help keep your home warm. They add to the colour theme of your home. The mood of your home can be changed by simplifying changing the rug colour.


7.Smart Furniture


Is storage a big problem for you? Smart furniture is the best solution. Use pieces of furniture that have a multipurpose use. Use beds that have built-in storage. Include storage spaces in staircase steps. Use foldable tables that double up as a dining table and a work desk. Use bunker beds in kids rooms to save space so that they have enough space to move around.


  1. Organizers are a blessing


Use organizers in your kitchen, office space, study area etc to avoid clutter. Organizers help save space and mess. They keep everything neatly organized and easily assessable. Use organizers in the kitchen to save storage area.




Donate old and useful stuff to charity rather than keep them packed in boxes. If you have clothes, toys, books, etc donate them to charity. There are many who can make use of those things that you find useless. This saves you from things getting up cramped wasting space at your home, you get a chance to serve the needful and your home becomes clutter free.


So keep looking around and be creative. You are the best interior designer your home can get. Keep your home simple and chic with creative ideas of building contractors Kerala


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