Healthy Interior Designing

India is the vast treasure hold of science. Environmental psychology popularly known as Vastu Shastra has been in practice in construction field from time immemorial. The design concepts and design elements are said to affect our mood and productivity. At this point, the importance of healthy interior designing starts.

The space you are in drives your mood thought process and creativity. For example, if you spend some time in a confined space with minimal lighting, it induces fear, suffocation and discomfort. Imagine a space bright, spacious and colourful. There your thoughts become positive, creative and you ultimately become happy.

So here are few tips to incorporate into your homes to have a healthy living space that inspires and motivates you.

Healthy space

A claustrophobic and dark space is a mood killer. A spacious area where there is a proper flow of air circulation ensures a fresh environment and no place for bacterial growth. Make sure to incorporate design elements that bring in a lot of lighting to your space.

Toxin Free paints

Use inspiring and energetic colours to paint your home. Avoid lead rich paints that on continuous intake while breathing results in health issues related to lungs and eyes. Use pollutant free paints easily available in the market and maintain a pollution free air inside your home.


A clutter free home results in a clutter-free mind. Keep the rooms in your home clutter-free. Make sure to use minimal furniture and decors in each space to have a neat and tidy feel for your home to ensure a good space to work in. Always use the space defined for that purpose. For example, avoid TV inside the bedroom as its a space designed for calm and relaxing moments and a good sleep.

Use multi-purpose furniture with storage compartments;

Get rid of the stuff you aren’t using frequently (use a three-box method: one for keeping, one for storing and one for throwing away);

Give one item to charity each day;

Organize a garage sale;

Use the 80/20 rule (normally you wear only 20 per cent of your clothes all the time);

Clear off flat surfaces;

Categorize things based on similarity; and

Use alternative storage solutions.

Go Green

Try to use plant decors as much as possible inside your home. This ensures to maintain a positive feel inside the home and green is a colour that soothes your eyes and inspires creativity. Green plants health circulate air as they absorb excess CO2 from the home and release oxygen so that the air is refreshed.


These are few of the many healthy decor tips that you may adopt from a hundred other options available. Interior designers in Kerala stand to keep your family healthier.





How to keep your home damp free during monsoon seasons?

Here are some ways to keep your home damp free during monsoon season:


  1. Change regularly

Change your bedspreads, curtains, towels, carpets regularly. These cloth items absorb humidity and leave your home in a dampness. Try to dry clear your space to escape the musty and foul smell.


  1. Scent it Up

Bacterial growth is the biggest challenge we face during monsoon time. So cleaning your home regularly during monsoon is mandatory. Always sent up your home with natural remedies to keep freshness in your house and it also eliminates the damp smell.


  1. Plant it Out

During monsoon, the incoming of sunlight is less. So always keep your green plants outside the home as they invite insects and germs during monsoon season.

Keeping plants indoors in this gloomy weather is not advisable as sunlight is sparse.


  1. Off the Floor

Avoid using carpets during monsoon season. Carpets are a good source to absorb wetness and inviting area for bacterial growth and foul smell. keep expensive carpets away and use daily use carpets. If possible avoid usage of carpets.


  1. Full Circuit

Monsoon is the season of lightning and thunder. This causes fluctuations in electricity. You can prevent your gadgets by keeping them unplugged when not used and check your wiring with the help of an electrician and avoid damp circuits. If you come across a leakage near switchboards take precautions to avoid short circuits.


  1. For the Love of Books

Are you a big-time reader? Is your home stacked with books everywhere. The dampness from monsoon rain can damage these books. So place moisture absorbents like naphthalene balls and silica pouches to absorb moisture and save your books.


  1. Stop the Leaks

Go around your house and check for leaks before the monsoon starts. Leaks are very dangerous and messy. Better to be sure than worry later.


  1. Air it Out

Moisture content is very high during monsoon season. Always allow maximum ventilation whenever possible because the dampness sets in during monsoon along with the foul smell.



  1. Wooden Necessities

Take care of your wooden furniture during monsoon season. Wood is the good absorbent of water So regularly wax your wooden furniture to avoid damage and infestations. Use sandpaper to smooth out your swelled wooden door and windows for ease of closing and opening.

So have a pleasant monsoon and stay safe.

For more useful tips regarding your home, please check out interior designers in Kerala