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Designer Plus Builder March 2018

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designer plus builder March 2018

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Designer plus builder March 2018

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Architect     :Praveen  and Nisha Sudhan

Client          :Arunraj and Soumya

Budget       :25Lakhs

Area           :1400sqft

Plot Extent :4Cents

Place          :Enikkara, Karakulam, Trivandrum, Kerala



Mobile        :8129029999,8129039999

Completion : Year 2016

designer plus builder March Cover page

designer plus builder March Cover page


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Designer Plus Builder 


Things to consider when hiring Home and Building Designers

A person’s home is what he dreams of building for years, and once that dream turns into a reality, his attention is next turned towards the interiors of his home. The interiors contain a touch of the home owner’s personality and can be minimalist or ostentatious depending on the owner’s tastes and his budget. Because of the sense of ownership that it affords, and because of the scope of saving on some expenses, many people go for a do-it-yourself approach to home interiors. They purchase the raw materials themselves, appoint the workers, and supervise the work while it is being done. But because all homeowners might not be fully conversant with the construction and interiors industry, they often end up spending more. Also, it might be a strain on the home owner’s time to have to spend days, weeks and even months at the site of his house, which could easily hamper his other work.

That is where home and building designers can come in handy. They have the required expertise to do a good job and give your home a great look both from inside and out. You might think you will end up spending more, but if you keep a few things in mind, you can have the job done without burning a hole in your pocket and also get good quality.

Clear Expectations – The client needs to be very clear in his mind what sort of involvement he would be willing and able to give, and also what would be the expectations he would have from the designer. Would he be hands-on and expect to be involved in every small detail, or would he want the designer to decide everything? Would the designer need to just explain to him verbally what he plans to do, or would he need to show him pictures or maybe even show him real samples? This clarity will help the work progress smoothly after it starts.

Precise View of Budget and Scope of Work – The client needs to be very clear what exactly he needs and how much he would be willing to spend on it. If this is not done, then things can get added on as work progresses, and costs can escalate.

Find Out Who You Are Hiring – It is always a good thing to check the credentials of the interior designer you are planning to hire before the contract is signed. Friends and neighbours can give you feedback, or they can collect feedback from someone they know, or you could log on to the internet and read reviews if available.

Set Timelines – You need to discuss and agree with the home designer not only the overall time the project will take but also at what frequency you will be given a status report. This will help avoid heartburn later if both sides are not clear and agreed upon the expected timelines. You might also want to put in a penalty clause if timelines are not adhered to.